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Spring 2010

  • Bryce Covert, "Will Better Consumer Protection Lead to a Credit Crunch for Women?" The Nation, [1]
  • Jonas Gahr Store, "Why We Must Talk," The New York Review of Books, April 7, 2011. [2]
  • Editorial, "Internet Filtering Bill," Spokesman-Review, [3]
  • Sabrina Schaeffer, "Why the Wage Gap?," National Review, [4]
  • David Cole, "Can Congress Force Us to Eat Brocolli?," NRYBlog [5]
  • Chuck Donovan, "As Marriage Fades, Society Suffers," Heritage Foundation website, Dec 13, 2010. [6]
  • Editorial Board, "Judicial Activitism on Health Reform," The New York Times, February 2, 2011 [7] If that link doesn't work click here. My recon
  • Conn Carroll, "Morning Bell: Another Victory on the Road to Repeal," The Foundry: Conservative Policy News, Heritage Foundation, Februrary 1, 2011 [8]
  • Mark Bittman, "A Food Manifesto for the Future," Opinionator Blog, New York Times, Feb 1, 2011 [9] --- For Class: Read the whole article, then reconstruct the first three bulleted paragraphs as subarguments. For each identify the conclusion and premises in a list. Then identify the general conclusion of the article.
  • Thomas Sowell, "Spilled Milk," Human Events, [10]
  • Avik Roy, "Florida v. HHS Could Become a Landmark for Individual Liberty," The Agenda, National Review Online, January 31, 2011 [11]
  • Fred Upton, "Obamacare: A Pivot Point," National Review Online, January 31, 2011 [12]

Spring 2009

Dahlia Lithwick, "Forgive Not"
Jack Balkin, "A Body of Inquiries"

Fall 2008

Fall 2007