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Topic Question

What should be done about the current crisis in Darfur?

^Good job! We like this :) It is broad enough that all of our papers can be a little different without being too repetitive. - Kat and Allie

[Replace this text with a focused topic question which your thesis/conclusion will answer or address. If you have more than one, list them here. Try to identify a topic question which everyone in the group can write about. Your topic question must address issues about which there is reasonable disagreement.]

Potential Arguments, Structures, and Sources

A) Potential arguments: 1. Who should intervene - the United States vs. the international community 2. Who is responsible - Sudan/African Union vs. UN/international community - Kat

B) Potential Arguments, Structures, Sources: 1. Some aid has been granted, but there are shortcomings in aiding the crisis so far...why? (Include what challenges are faced...use the “Darfur’s aid groups on the front lines” article as one example) 2. Too many promises and too few outcomes from the U.S. and international involvement to this point...why? (Especially helpful to use “A Chronology” for examples) 3. Because of this failure something needs to change/improve in order to see greater results...how can action change? (Include some articles about the urgency and possible solutions...possibly the “Save Darfur Now” editorial) ...Just some possible points I'm thinking about utilizing... - Allie

[Replace this text with a brief identification of at least three potential arguments relevant to your topic question. Identify the claim argued for, the reasoning and evidence. Cite from sources posted on your wiki page.]



From Alex and Brianne: [| The Real Roots of Darfur] The article discusses how global warming, and not ethnic hatred, may have attributed to the crisis in Darfur. The author suggests that global climate changes led to fighting between settled farmers and nomadic herders over failing lands. Arab herders fought over land owned by farmers of the Fur tribe, the largest single tribe of farmers in Darfur.

From Alex: [| Misgivings About Sudan Peace Accord] Focuses on issues arising from a peace accord and power-sharing arrangement signed by the government of Sudan and the Sudan People Liberation Army. Causes of the conflict between the Muslim-dominated government in Khartoum and the Christian and animist people in the southern region; Scope of the peace agreement; Impact of the conflict between government troops and rebels in the Darfur region.

From Alex: [| Ending Sudan's Impunity] The article focuses on the International Criminal Court's prosecution of two people suspected of atrocities in Darfur. Details of the cases, the death toll of the fighting in Darfur and its root causes are presented.

From Zach: [The Darfur Emergency] This article discusses the background, current crisis, military campaign and human rights abuses, negotiations and the ceasefire agreement, and the international community's response to the Darfur crisis.

From Brianne: [| Projected Mortality Rates] This chart shows projected mortality rates in Sudan from 2004-2005.

From Kat and Kiri: [| Background Safe Darfur] This comes from the "Save Darfur" organization. This link goes directly to their background information, but you can also click other tabs to find more information about the organization itself, what it does, and what you can do to help.

From Allie: [| Genocide] Basic information about genocide from wikipedia. Including a section specifically about Darfur. Also see the link at this section to the "Darfur conflict" page for more specific information.

From Kat: [| Darfur Conflict] This gives background information about the conflict and has many links to other Wikipedia pages and outside sources for more information.

Political Involvement and Action

From Alex: [| Will Chad suffer a Rwanda-style genocide?] This article compares the situation in Darfur and Chad to that of Rwanda in 1994.

^This talks mostly about Chad but you could definitely use that information to talk about the effects of the Darfur conflict as it spills into neighboring regions - Kat

From Zach: [The UN Has Become Irrelevant] Discusses several issues concerning the actions taken by the United Nations (UN) on the atrocities in Darfur, Sudan, as of February 2005. Criticisms against the failure of the UN to identify the rape and murder of black Sudanese by Arabs as genocide; Background on decisions made by the UN on previous genocide case, including the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia; Rejection of a resolution that would have condemned human rights violation in Sudan by the UN General Assembly.

From Brianne: [| A chronology] This article discusses chronologically International Failures on Darfur. It illustrates the immediate need for International aid.

^ This is a literal, almost daily, chronology so it might be a little much to read through but you could probably get some really good examples of political action from the article. I think there are also some links to more information. - Kat

From Alex: [| Blowing the Horn] Discusses the involvement of the United States in Africa in the 21st century.

^ This article talks about both Darfur and other regions (especially Somalia). The author argues that the past and current U.S. policy regarding the Greater Horn of Africa is flawed and has only made matters worse, and offers suggestions as to what should be done instead. - Kat

From Alex: [| Darfur and the Genocide Debate] Addresses international response to the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan

From Zach: [UN Security Council Resolution] Provides information on a resolution by the United Nations (UN) Security Council regarding human rights violations in Darfur, Sudan, as of September 2004. Background on the demand of the council for the disarmament of the Janjaweed militia in the country; Provisions of the resolution; Views of several UN representatives on the adoption of the resolution

From Allie: [| Where enemies become friends] The article discusses a hospital in Chad that cares for soldiers fighting on both sides of the Darfur War. While the Sudanese and Darfur rebel soldiers are enemies on the battlefield, they have cultivated friendships during their stays in the hospital. Good quotes about the information that soldiers were told versus the truths among the government.

From Allie: [Save Darfur Now: Editorial] One perspective...The author calls for the U.S. government and elected representatives to bring a definitive end to the intolerable moral and humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan as of May 2006. A background of the ethnic conflict between the Arab and non-Arab population of Darfur is presented. The necessity of a high-level engagement by the U.S. government in implementing the peace accord is emphasized.

From Kat: [| International Response to the Darfur Conflict] For those of you who are writing about what the international community should do, this article will be helpful as it has a chronological list of how the world has gotten involved.

From Kat: [| Poll] This was a poll done earlier this year that asked Americans if they think we should intervene in the Darfur conflict.

From Kat: [| Poll] This is another poll about American policy regarding Darfur.

From Zach: [| Stuck in Darfur] Presents an article about the effects of the war between the rebels and government in Khartoum, Sudan on the residents of Nyala in southern Darfur in February 2005. Trauma caused by the conflict to the people; Efforts of international humanitarian groups to provide the needs of the citizens; Threats posed by the war to the security and safety of the region.

From Kat: [| Battle for Darfur] This article has some information about the effect of the conflict on Chad.

From Kat: http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?index=0&did=1153851541&SrchMode=1&sid=1&Fmt=3&VInst=PROD&VType=PQD&RQT=309&VName=PQD&TS=1178342213&clientId=10553 | Chad Villages Hit]] This is another article about how Chad has been affected by the Darfur conflict.

Humanitarian Aid and Organizations

From Kat and Kiri: [| Darfur's aid groups on the front lines] This article talks about the challenges that aid efforts face in Darfur.

From Kat and Kiri: [| Africa: War on the Rescuers] This article gives more information about the challenges of giving humanitarian aid to Darfur.

From Allie: [| Darfur: A Genocide We Can Stop] A website with general information, links to the latest news, and various ways to help with action or donations. Also provides contact people to learn more.

From Kat: [| Genocide Intervention Network] An organization devoted to ending the conflict in Darfur - this website has background information, news releases, and how to help.

Recent Developments

From Kat: [| Sudan Accepts UN Force in Darfur] This article just came out today (4/16) in many newspapers and online websites. It talks about how Sudan has accepted UN peacekeeping forces for the first time during the Darfur conflict. This version of the story also has some interesting information about China's political position of this issue. China has veto power in the UN, which is important because it has oil interests and the nation has been pressured by other countries who think it cares more about hosting the Olympic Games in 2008 than the Darfur conflict.

From Kat: [| Bush Sanctions Warning] President Bush has threatened to sanction Sudan if they cannot come up with a diplomatic solution for the conflict.

From Kat: [| Bush presses Sudan on Darfur] This is more information about the sanctions.

Eyewitness Accounts

From Kat and Kiri: [| Darfur Eyewitness Brian Steidle] This website is a personal account of one journalist's experiences in Darfur. Be prepared, there are some disturbing pictures, stories, and information.

Media Coverage

From Kat and Kiri: [| Darfur starvation will be televised ... eventually] This gives insight on the difficulties journalists face in trying to cover the Darfur genocide and also about the lack of media coverage.

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