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Digital Keyboard Reviews: Aural versus Electronic Tuning

Why learn how to tune a piano by ear when today it can be tuned with an electronic tuner or computer?

The aural tuning versus electronic tuning:

Until quite good enough, the electronic tuning in digital keyboard reviews was never officially accepted by the community of piano tuners, especially younger veterans. Tune a piano with a machine is considered the best unorthodox and lacking in professionalism.

Today things have changed, and in recent years have seen a new generation appear much more advanced electronic tuners and piano tuning programs specific to your computer.

Although I've always been in favor of aural tuning (still am and probably I will continue in the future) I have to admit that it is now possible to make a pitch more than correct with the help of an electronic device or computer. The only downside if anything, is its high price and difficulty of acquiring profitable, unless afinemos many pianos.

Electronic tuners can be divided into two groups. The color (usually cheap) and designed specifically for tuning pianos. These are the professionals who use it, and as mentioned above are quite expensive.

With a chromatic tuner you can tune just about anything. You can use a chromatic tuner to tune a piano? Yes.

These chromatic tuners are quite limited in the high and low frequencies, so if you want to use them you should at least be able to tune by ear unisons and octaves. It is a fairly simple thing.

Electronic Tuners and specific computer programs for tuning pianos and main applications

These devices or partial programs can read, correct disharmonies and calculate the "stretch" or stretching of each piano note. All these functions are automatically produced, so that the technician only has to worry about reading and tune. In addition, these devices have other interesting applications.

One of the most attractive applications is the ability to tax a good aural tuning, so that can be played on successive pitches as often as desired.

Another equally interesting feature is what allows us to tune in noisy environments. In those situations where it is difficult to hear raids, an electronic tuner can be helpful and improve the tuning substantially. Some electronic tuners or computer programs also have the possibility to connect a contact microphone.

An electronic tuner can also make life easier when not tune to a frequency standard, such as 442. This type of tuning is used primarily when a piano is playing in the company of wind instruments, as they tone up naturally when you are playing for a while.

In digital keyboard reviews, electronic tuning can also assist us when you want to tune two pianos that will play together. First tune a piano so we tax and aural tuning, and then reproduce the pitch in the second piano. This way you will both be tuned exactly the same.