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Topic Question

Drinking Reform: Should the U.S. drinking age be reduced to 18?

Potential Arguments, Structures, and Sources

Arguements For lowering the drinking age:

1.decreases in drunk driving are not a result of the lowered drinking age.

   - They were already on a downward trend since before it was banned
   - She attributes lower casualties to drunk driving, DD programs, increase seatbelt and airbag

2. The 21 rule isnt working

   - majority of college kids consume alcohol
   -"forbidden fruit" theory = the more off limits something is portrayed as, the more adolescents
     are drawn to it.

3."underground drinking" leads to irresponsible drinking ei."Binge drinking"

all arguements from "Why the Drinking Age should be Lowered"- Ruth C. Engs

Ryan M.

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[[1]] Brief overview of the history of the drinking age -Kirsten

[2] Legal drinking: A sobering history - Michael (Left wing Bias. A bit Sarcastic and brief. perhaps in need of more facts.)-Ryan M

International Information

[[3]] Here is a VERY brief article on drinking. It has a small blurb about European countries and their drinking age and effects. - Kendra

[[4]] Here is another article about international age and the effect on binge drinking. It is mostly opinion. - Kendra

[[5]] This article compares three conutries drinking age policies and gives some good insight. There aren't that many facts, but it offers different ways of looking at drinking age laws and possibly some solutions based on what other countries do. There is a table that gives cureent minimum drinking ages for almost all countries. -Cassy


[[6]] This is an article about how underage drinking leads to other risky behaviors.

[[7]]This is an article with more statistics about what happens to underage drinkers. "People who start drinking before age 15 are four times more likely to become dependent on alcohol than those who wait to drink until they're 21, according to the NIAAA."

[[8]] The National institute on Alcohol Abuse. -Ryan M

[[9]] This article has many facts about drinking issues both before and after the drinking age was lowered. It also has counter arguements to those supporting a lower drinking age. -Cassy

Supporting Viewpoints

[[10]] This isn't an article, but its an interview with a Dr about why she thinks the drinking age should be lowered. It just gives some good points, not a lot of information though. -Krysta

[[11]] This is an article by a professor of Applied Health Sciences. She includes a lot of good statistics but her viewpoint is in support of lowering the drinking age. - Kirsten

[12] Responses to Arguements agianst lowering the drinking age. - Michael

[13] Why the drinking age should be lowered: An opinion based upon research. - Michael

[[14]] This is a good article involving a politician creating a bill to lower the drinking age.

Opposing Viewpoints

Hurley, Jennifer A., ed. Addiction Opposing Viewpoints. San Diego: Greenhaven P, INC, 2000. 35-42. 70-78. articles opposing and supporting information on of/why/how underage drinking increases the risk of alcoholism. also the second grouping of pages in the same format speaks to alcoholism and if it is a problem or if it is just over exaggerated. p.s. i have the book (so contact me if you wnat it)-rachel d.

[[15]] This article is opposed to lowering the drinking age - Kirsten

[[16]] The Christian Science Monitor is against loweing the drinking age.

[[17]] This articles gives many reasons for why the drinking age should not be lowered. -Cassy

[[18]] This article is a very large fact sheet opposed to the drinking age. - Ryan M.

Search Terms

Lowering the drinking age, Youth Alcoholism

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