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Erasmus Courses


Religion and Society in the Middle East and North Africa H

Citizenship and identity S

Migration and Transnationalism in Europe S

Cultural Industries: Trends and Strategies H

Art Markets H

Media and Communication Theory C

Communication Technology and its Impacts H

Organisational Communication CS, H

Cultural Influences on Communication CS, H

State Building and Ideas of Resistance in Early Modern Europe H

Civilisation Processes in European History H

The Netherlands: History and Culture

Value, Culture and Economy CS

Economic Theory CS

Trends and Strategies in the Creative Industries CS

Media Processes and Influences: Theories and Perspectives CS

Early Modern Political Thought H

Political Economy of Development in Asia H

Media, War and Historical Representation H

Urban History: the Case of Rotterdam H

Anthropology of Identity H

Migrations and Cultural Diversity: Caribbean H

Golden Age: The Netherlands in Europe and the World H