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Other Resources

  • Coaching Audio on Philosophical Method: [1]
  • New Yorker article on "Biology of Violence," [2] suggesting that criminal subcultures are following "legitimate" evolutionary strategies.

The Trolley Problem

If Facebook were Yelp [3]

Immediate Implications of Course Research for Everyday Morality

Here is a link giving a synopsis of the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. It is about how people can make choices within the blink of an eye. This kind of relates to the "elephant" we have been discussing in class. [4]

Additionally, I have posted a link to the book Think by Michael LeGault. It is a counterargument to Gladwell's Blink discussing why serious decisions cannot be made quickly - "the rider" so to speak. [5]

Affirmative action case: Here are 2 videos the Colbert Report did on a case that is supposed to be up for debate in the supreme court soon: Here is an additional article about it: