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Ethics News!

Fall 2020

  • Marantz, Andrew. "Explicit Content" New Yorker. On Facebook content regulation. Nice case study. See also other journalism on Facebook by Marantz.
  • Contact tracers are having trouble getting people to cooperate. Virus fatigue and moral effort. China today.
  • Woman who called police on African American birdwatcher sentenced. [1]
  • Report from The WEIRDEST people in the world: Study of Inuit trip's success with superior cooperation "package".
  • Militia group arrested plotting to kidnap Michigan governor. [2]
  • Covid therapy uses fetal tissue technology. [3]
  • Nobel prize news! Crisper, women in science.
  • A federal judge has ordered Twitter to reveal the identity of an anonymous user who allegedly forged an FBI document to spread a conspiracy theory about the killing of DNC staffer Seth Rich in 2016. [4]

Spring 2019

  • More bad parents -- college admissions scandal larger than thought.
  • Dissent between Mueller and Barre on the gravity of M's report.
  • Venezuela uprising
  • Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan objecting to lack of visas for local collaborators.
  • Supreme Court likely to allow citizenship question on census on separation grounds.
  • Supreme Court to decide whether LGBTQ and transgender individuals are included in the Civil Rights Act.
  • First malaria vaccine rolling out.
  • The Mueller Report
  • 25th Anniversay of the Rwandan genocide
  • Arguing over disaster relief aid.
  • Nipsey Hussle story.
  • Smollett charges dropped.
  • Attorney General reports results of Mueller report: exoneration on criminal charges related to collusion with a foreign power. not exonerated on obstruction of justice, but AG judges nothing to prosecute.
  • New Zealand massacre.
  • College admissions bribery scandal
  • North Carolina Voter fraud case. Poignant detail.
  • Point about group responsibility in Southern Baptist Sexual Abuse Scandal.
  • New rules on handling sexual assault cases on college campuses provoking controversy.
  • Government shut down as lesson in "background" rules in moral system which distinguish what is legitimately "in play" in a conflictual decision making process.
  • Controversy over high schoolers alleged disrespect of an older native american man.

Fall 2018 Florence

  • Friday court filings related to possible criminal conduct in the Executive branch of government
  • More on yellow vest protests
  • Michigan legislature, known for gerrymandering, loses election and then tries to limit incoming governors’ ability to fix gerrymandered districts.
  • Examples of racism in the Election.
  • "Blexit" -- a campaign to move African American voters away from the Democratic Party. [8] [9]
  • Study on white / non-white's concern about environment and respective perception of concern.
  • Synagogue shooter's views of immigrants.
  • Megan Kelly defends and then apologies for defending “black face” Halloween comments.
  • Khashoggi son forced to shake hands with likely killer of his dad.
  • UN speeches for and against multilateralism and globalism. Later this term, we will read about globalism, which is a system of moral and political views advocating the weakening of national sovreignty in favor of multilateral agreements. It has clear implications for immigration, but also for a host of other issues. Read this article to get some information about where the US, France, and other countries are on this emerging moral perspective.
  • Follow the case of alleged sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh

Past semester's Ethics News!

  • New research on Trump voters motivations [10]
  • Let's try to look out for news stories with ethical dimensions and quickly identify them. You might post a link or just report your item in class.
  • Check out Rev. Carleton Pearson's story in the new movie, Come Sunday
  • Political movement toward Federal decriminalization of marijuana.
  • James Shaw, Jr., Waffle House Hero. [11]
  • New therapies for opiod and heroin use offer the prospective of “vaccines” which block the effects of these highly addictive drugs. Should users be required to take vaccines?
  • Example from FIRE website: [12] of new attitudes toward liberty of thought and conscience.
  • What are the ethical issues behind the raid of the president's private attorney's office?
  • Details from a local radio story on the local congressional rep race: McMorris-Rogers (R) vs. Brown (D). supporters on each side show predicted MFT triggers.
  • More chemical attacks on children, women, and male civilians in Syria.
  • ongoing teacher strike in Oklahoma raises distinct ethical claim. (Not just homo economicus.)
  • This Inlander article raises interesting questions about how values enter into community planning and development. [13]
  • Consider attending an Ethics Bowl team scrimmage this month. More details from Dr. Maria Howard (
  • Police shootings of unarmed black men. The Sacramento case of Stephon Clark.
  • Hero in French terror attack.
  • "Catch and Kill" journalism in the case of Karen McDougal.
  • Cambridge Analytica news. Consider hypotheticals.
  • "Fairness" in trade. (Will come up in globalization discussions.)
  • More k-12 student walkouts
  • West Virginia teachers' strike offers example of inequity aversion, ethics in negotiation.
  • Learning about the views of Jordan Peterson, who claims a right of conscience to not use new gender pronouns. See his wiki page.
  • Quick change in gun control views. Today's student walkouts seem to be making a values statement.
  • The dehumanizing effect of scripted call center interactions.
  • Weinstein Lawsuit holds up sale of troubled company - group resp
  • The idea of Baby bounds: giving all youths money to start out with as young adults.
  • [14]