Fall 2010 Wisdom Course

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Course Materials

  1. 1 CPS Pulse "clicker" [1]
  2. Hall, Stephen S. Wisdom: From Philosophy to Neuroscience. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2010. ISBN 9780307269102 [2]
  3. Sternberg, Robert J. Wisdom: Its Nature, Origins, and Development. New York: Cambridge Univ Pr, 1990. ISBN 0521367182 [3]

Goals of the Course

  1. To survey and acquire a basic working knowledge of research on wisdom.
  2. To develop a theory of wisdom which reflects your critical appraisal of the topic in light of readings and discussion.
  3. To experiment with the application of elements of your theory of wisdom to your own life.
  4. To develop your skill and enjoyment at philosophical reflection.

Contact Information

Dr. Mark Alfino, Department of Philosophy, Rebmann Hall 203, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington 99258
Office Hours: See alfino.org
Office: (509) 313-6753 | Home: (509) 455-8831 | Fax: (509) 324-5718 | Cell: (509) 939-4225
Email: alfino@gonzaga.edu
Students in my courses should feel free to call me at home if the other phone numbers do not find me.


  1. . You must complete all work in the course to receive a grade.
  2. . You must disclose any work that you are turning in for this course that you are submitting or have submitted for other courses.
  3. . You must comply with all university policies concerning academic honesty.