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Topic Question

Given the causes of the global warming phenomenon, what, if any, policies should we enforce to overcome this problem?

Potential Arguments, Structures, and Sources

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Basic information---use as a reference point and branch out from here

Information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency including basic info, risks/health effects/our policies

Article showing change and predicting outcomes of global warming

Conservative point of view

This article provides the trends of global warming. It provides a lot of graphs and stats.

This article provides a non-human cause for global warming. It says that the sun is responsible for the cooling and heating of the earth. It also makes the claim that the earth is about to start cooling.

This article also blames the sun for the cause of global warming.

This article goes into depth about why the sun is the cause for global warming.

5 things to do about global warming article:

What should be done to prevent global warming from furthering:

This article states how the media is trying to scare america about global warming.