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Health Care

Main Topic Questions

  • Is health care a universal right?
  • If not, what, if any, obligation do we have to help people get access to health care?

Research Needs

  • Collect the best arguments you can regarding health care as a right, sample also conservative thought on why it isn't.
  • How does health care compare to other things that we do agree people have a right to, such as education?

Arguments, Shows the difference in costs of trial where death penalty was sought after and where it wasn’t. Tito Howell.

Source saying that health care was a right and laid out why this was and showed how there were many people who simply could not afford what health care costs without insurance,. -WHO

A source describing how Medicaid works for people who qualify and who are those people that qualify. -Jeff Kepple

Outline of the Japanese Health care system and how it has resulted in the longest life expectancy and has a high quality of health care given. - Jeff Kepple

Gives an example of how healthcare can be both a privilege and a right by comparing it to the educational system. -Jeff Kepple

How to decrease costs in the U.S associated with healthcare: this paper does not have anything to do with healthcare as a right, but can be used as a supplemental source. - -Jeff Kepple

An overview of how single payer systems work to better understand how this would not be a possible solution. -Jeff Kepple

Healthcare in Canada and how they all have the same base of care; violates the freedom of choice of care. -Jeff Kepple

A simple webpage describing the % of GDP healthcare cost for different countries. -Jeff Kepple

Argument against health care as a human right: states that it is an unhelpful saying in its definition and what it entails. - Jeff Kepple

Argument saying that universal health care is not enough because global insurance does not cover the essential parts of survival. Also states that American access to healthcare insurance is not correlated to the quality of care. - Jeff Kepple

A good examination of pros and cons. - Nick Ensroth

A look comparing the United States Healthcare as a whole to other countries. - Nick Ensroth This website talks about 12 pros and cons of providing universal health care in the U.S. It explores the obligation we currently have to provide it (or the lack thereof), and the benefits that would come from universal healthcare if we implemented it. It also includes a background of healthcare economically, globally and the debate regarding the topic. - Sabrina Villanueva Avalos This essay provides a case in favor of universal healthcare. It explores the moral, economic and culture case in favor for it, as well as explores the benefits and some downfalls of implementing a universal healthcare system. - Sabrina Villanueva Avalos


Outline of the Japanese Health care system and how it has resulted in the longest life expectancy and has a high quality of health care given. - Jeff Kepple

Comparison of Japanese health care system and US health care system. Speaks about quality and costs. - Jeff Kepple

Paper showing that the U.S. spends the most on healthcare, but is an outlier in the fact that their life expectancy is not increasing with this increasing cost and explains why this is the fact. - Jeff Kepple