How to Brew Beer

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How to Brew Beer?

For the preparation of how to brew beer, we use the following steps. If this persists you will get a strong beer, also called triple. If you work carefully, and especially pay attention to hygiene, the result is a good beer to drink. It is never managed to make the same beer twice. Sometimes it has something like a Palm, other times it's more a Duvel.

We work with this recipe because it is a simple recipe that’s proven good result for beginners.

Malt from the malthouse

The base of beer is malted barley. This is true barley to a pre-processing is done in the malting. There the barley just moistened and warmed up a bit, so goes the barley sprouts. Immediately thereafter, the barley is dried again. During germination enzymes occur in the moss, which we as brewers need the starch in the barley into sugar. These sugars are eventually fermented into alcohol.

Some theory

In barley is a lot of starch, as in a sandwich or potato. In the malting there are enzymes were added. Enzymes are proteins, very large molecules in all living kinds of processes in motion. There are two important enzymes, below which a pacman net (singular) of sugar a slice of bread (starch) is:

The first enzyme is active at 60 ° C. This breaks down the starch into fermentable sugars. The second enzyme is active at 70 ° C. If the good is hereafter no more starch present in the solution. This can be tested by a white dish some moisture to mix with iodine (iodine with starch turns purple).

Yeast is a unicellular fungus that lives of these simple sugars.

The yeast cannot usually eat all types of sugars. The sugars are not fermented to give the (often desired) sweet taste to beer. How long your step so what temperature determined holds so much of your final taste of your beer later!

But before you have a liquid where the yeast will feel comfortable in so you will need one more day to go!

Summary of raw materials to make beer:






Water from the tap just gives you the Dutch tap water is good, you have nothing to do. Moreover, we cook it through, so even though the tainted water than is it still good.

There are many types of malt, the difference is mainly in the color. Dark malt is caused by any time during the drying process of the malt, and therefore allows for a longer time as it were is baked. Besides barley, there are also other cereals such as wheat malt (wheat beer). We usually use only light malt, they call this pilsner malt.

The hops

It is recommended you hop on dried hop flowers. These are well during the brewing process to filter out. There are many types of hops and a good example is "Saaz". Hop in an opened bag deteriorates rapidly. Buy not too large pockets. Hops are best stored in the refrigerator. Hop is not functioning properly when the leaves turn brown.

Yeast cells

Yeast bought in small aluminum bags. You need to "top yeast" have, because this yeast at room temperature and is therefore ideal for hobby brewers. Do not buy big pots yeast, but small pockets although it may seem more expensive. Once you open up to yeast namely, the air quality deteriorated rapidly. Yeasts are best stored in the refrigerator.


Sugar can just buy at your local supermarket. Add sugar is unnecessary and adds nothing to the taste of beer. It increases the pure alcohol content. A high percentage of alcohol suppresses however bad tastes so for an amateur brewer it is still recommended.

How to brew beer: How much of what?

Sufficient water so you can enjoy stirring and the liquid does not boil over.

3 kg per 10 liters of malt lager beer is a good size for a hearty beer. For a dark beer can for example 100 grams of pilsner malt replaced by 100 grams of "chocolate malt" (chocolate is the color, not taste).

18 grams per 10 liters of beer hop flowers in 3% alpha acid. The percentage of alpha acid on the package, use proportionately less if more alpha acid in it.

You can as a rule of thumb use 0.5 g per liter of beer yeast handling. In a conventional bag contains 3 grams of yeast so that's nice if you have 5 liters of beer brews and 2 bags of 10 liters.