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Bibliography for International Development Research Group

An initial group of recent books:

  1. The Bottom Billion
  2. The White Man's Burden: Why the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good  by William Easterly, Penguin, 436 pp., $27.95
  3. The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time, by Jeffrey D. Sachs, Penguin, 416 pp., $16.00 (paper), Millions Saved: Proven Successes in Global Health,  by Ruth Levine and the What Works Working Group, with Molly Kinder,  Center for Global Development, 167 pp., $26.95 (paper)
  4. The Trouble with Africa: Why Foreign Aid Isn't Working, by Robert Calderisi, Palgrave Macmillan, 249 pp., $24.95, Africa's Stalled Development: International Causes and Cures by David K. Leonard and Scott Straus & Lynne Rienner, 159 pp., $18.95 (paper)
(For a review of these and other recent works, See, Nicholas Kristof, Aid: Can It Work?" The New York Review of Books, October 5, 2006.

So, Alvin (1990) Social Change and Development, Sage Excerpts in three pdfs: 123(Contributed by James Beebe)

Into Africa: Intercultural Insights (Interact Series) (Paperback) by Yale Richmond , Phylis Gestrin (Contrib. Sima Thorpe)

Walking With the Poor Principles and Practices of Transformational Development Bryant L. Meyers (Contrib. Sima Thorpe)

Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered]; E.F. Schumacher (Contrib. Sima Thorpe)


Aid: Can It Work? The New York Review of Books, October 5, 2006.

Michael Sepcter, [ The Last Drop]The New Yorker, October 23, 2006

A good contemporary article on water as a global human resource.

"Millions for Millions" The New Yorker, October 30, 2006.

A good contemporary article on the micro-finance movement.

Staying for Tea, The Global Citizen, A Journal for young adults Engaging the World Through Service, Spring 2005, v.2, The Krista Foundation.


UNC's Apples Global Service Learning Program

The APPLES Global Service-Learning Program offers UNC undergraduate students a unique opportunity to work with global and local immigrant communities, while uniting rigorous academic coursework with substantive volunteer service. Students travel to, study in and work with sending communities where social, economic, or political conditions are pushing residents to immigrate to North Carolina and other regions in the United States.

During the global experience, students study the local language and culture, live with a local family, and engage in service-learning in a community service agency. On returning to Carolina, students enroll in “Connections”, a 1-credit reflection seminar that compares the lives of new immigrants in their origin countries with those in North Carolina. The seminar explores concerns for health, education and social justice through selected readings, class discussion and reflection. Returning students engage in local service-learning with newly arrived immigrants. As mentors, they provide assistance with activities supporting school achievement and facilitation of bilingual fluency for middle or high school immigrant youth.

Locations: Cuernavaca, Mexico, Guadalajara, Mexico, Namibia, South Africa, Vietnam

Iowa State's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences International Program Model

This is a good example of an A&S based international program model that is tied directly to an international studies curriculum.

Ohio State's Engineering International Service Learning Programs

Service-Learning in Engineering at The Ohio State University: A Model Program and Case Study

This service-learning model was created for the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University through the analysis of prominent aspects of service-learning programs at other colleges and universities. Recommendations in this paper are also based on “lessons learned” through a service-learning project trip made by Engineers for Community Service (ECOS). Background information as well as contextual issues is presented in order to give a better understanding of the project as well as the challenges faced.

Seattle University's International Development Internship

Please explore this sister-institution program. It gives a good example of tight curriculum integration and profound experiential learning in a diversity of well-organized placement locations. IPAC is hoping to bring Dr. Janet Quillian, Director of this program, to Gonzaga in the Spring of 2007.


The International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership

The International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership initiates, designs, and administers service-learning programs in the Czech Republic, Ecuador (Guayaquil and Quito), England, France, India, Israel, Jamaica, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, South Dakota (with Native Americans), and Thailand. Undergraduate programs are open to college and university students and graduates from any nation, qualified high school graduates, and in-service professionals. Since 1982, more than 4,000 students from over 400 US institutions of higher education and 35 universities in 25 other nations have participated in IPSL programs.

IPSL also designed and administers a one-year graduate program of study and service leading to the Master's Degree in International Service, preparing students for professional positions in international not-for-profit organizations.

International Volunteer Programs Association

Any program that regularly sends groups or individuals to work abroad as volunteers, interns or lay missionaries, for any length of time, falls under the broad category of "International Volunteer Programs." International volunteer programs offer unique hands-on learning experiences which promote cross-cultural understanding, cooperation, and solidarity among individuals and communities around the world. They encourage participating volunteers to examine how their work and daily choices back home can have an impact on economic and social conditions in other parts of the world.

IVPA can not guarantee the quality of programs operated by its member organizations but it does strive to collaborate together to ensure the highest quality within the field of international volunteerism.


Amizade encourages intercultural exploration and understanding through community-driven service-learning courses and volunteer programs.

Amizade imagines a world in which all people have the opportunity to explore and grow, realize their ability to make change, and embrace their responsibility to build a better world.

Our foundation is built on cooperation and partnership across all boundaries, Building global citizens, commitment to communities and their rights to fulfill their own goals, meeting basic human needs, challenging assumptions and growing through intercultural exchange.


Pace is a database on CISG and International Commercial Law. The CISG is the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the uniform international sales law of countries that account for two-thirds of all world trade.

Course Materials

James Beebe teaches a course on Global Systems and Policy Analysis. Here's a link to his web page.

Reference Sites and Resources

From Kelly Jenks, Foley Librarian

Note: I have added this information as a taste to whet your appetite.  If you are looking for articles on a topic of interest and would like additional personalized and focused searching, please let us know.  This makes maximum use of your valuable time. 

My contact information is or x3829 and the librarians at the Reference Desk are always available to you as well.

You will find these resources listed on the Foley webpage under frequently used Databases.  Below are some sample searches and results.

Academic Search Premier (I searched using the terms microfinance and Africa. I designated Africa as a geographic search term. Within the results, particularly academic journals, there were a number of interesting hits. Below is a persistent link to one article with full-text availability.


Business Source Premier (I searched using: International Monetary Fund and (geographical term)Africa.

Below is another persistant link to an article.



Finally, I searched in Proquest using the terms (in quotes)"Africa development" and water. Fascinating.

Miscellaneous Campus Activity

Here's a link to Sr. Rita Arthur's round up of campus projects.