Immigration & Refugees

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Immigrants and Refugees

Main Topic Questions

  • From Singer (and contemporary politics), there is the question: Is it legitimate to favor immigration on the basis of ethnicity, religion, or country of origin?
  • Many countries have special provisions for offering citizenship to foreign born descendants of citizens. Are these legitimate?
  • What are the major global circumstances that an ethical immigration policy must respond to?

Research Needs

  • Find out more about US history of immigration policy. Are there reasonable policies for preferring neighbors to people from very distant places?
  • Review Singer's arguments for non-preferential treatment.

link title===Arguments=== This article provides a quick summary of immigration law in the United States. The article explains how laws have changed and how they have become stricter. It was especially interesting to be reminded that the US was originally encouraged open immigration. Blair Coziahr

This article provides a breakdown of President Trump’s immigration reform. It clarifies who will and will not be allowed to enter the United States. It states that there have been some changes to the updated reform since the original – these changes are specified in the article. The focus of the ban includes 6 Muslim countries and also gives slight priority to various religions. Blair Coziahr

This article claims that other countries have even more severe or strict bans on immigration than the US. It also claims that the US has had success in banning immigrants based on ethnicity and religion in the past. The article provides examples of various historical bans as well as comparisons between Trump’s reform and our history. Blair Coziahr This article provided information explaining the benefits of open borders and immigration. It cited the main arguments against immigration and then challenged each of them independently with different statistics. Clear argument for open borders. Blair Coziahr This article points out that we cannot have completely open borders because the role of government is to protect its citizens. It claims that the dilemma of immigration boils down to whether or not the person is a threat. This question is why SOME kind of immigration policy is necessary. The next question is what that policy might look like. Blair Coziahr

[1] This addresses the question in the first bullet point. It is an interview between two opposing individuals who are discussing the Immigration President Trump implemented through an executive order in January. Both individuals bring up important arguments like the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and the Establishment clause in the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. - Lauren Olson

[2] This is an article and audio/podcast from Spectator about the failed issue of the immigration into Sweden. It addresses the importance of integration and issues of accepting children without their families. – Lauren Olson

[3] This page is an outline of how the United Nations defines human right. It defines each aspect of a human right, such as universal, inalienable, interdependent, indivisible, equal and non-discriminatory. It also explains how the UN believes that it is an obligation of states to ensure that they are protecting human rights in their state. – Lauren Olson This article gives a quick insight on how Americans view immigration, and refugee bans amidst the recent actions of President Trump. - Antonio Fraga This article from 2015, gives a very extensive perspective on why refugee resettlement must continue, and why it is safe despite recent acts of terror, most notably in this article, the attacks on Paris. Syrian refugees is also a point of focus in this article. -Antonio Fraga

This article talks about how the Muslim ban excludes countries Trump has business ties to. This shows a discrimination and bias to those we can call our own in some way.It discriminates against people who need to have their basic human rights met.-Ximena Hernandez[4]

An article that shows how the United States came to discriminate people who were not of Northern European descent.-Ximena Hernandez[5]