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Topic Question

From Katie: These were some ideas that we came up with in the 11 o'clock class: 1. What is the best way to deal with the immigration problem in the United States? 2. Why is immigration a problem?/Why does it require reform? (NAFTA, living conditions, education, etc.....) 3. What are some reform measures that are being considered? How do they intend to help? What is your opinion on this? From Erin: I think we should do "what is the best way to deal with the immigration problem". with that question, we can first discuss why its a problem, and then go on to the best ways to slove it. From Nicole: I feel that a big part of this topic is assessing whether or not illega immigration is really a problem. There are statistics that say it is and some statistics that say it isnt (more that it is however). So as a topic question: Validate that illegal immigration is a problem. Propose solutions for it. From Isabella: Is immigration a problem and if so what kind of a reform is needed?

Potential Arguments, Structures, and Sources

From Nicole: Solutions for illegal immigration: Amnesty, guest-worker program, remove all illegal immigrants, do nothing...

From Isabella: Illegal immigration is a problem in that it can be dangerous and extremely expensive. It needs to be solved in a way other than stopping immigration altogether because the farming communities would suffer if this happened. A Guest-worker program should be put into play and made accessable to the people.

From Erin: Whether or not you consider immigration to be a problem, you need to look at why immigrants are coming instead of just the effects. By looking at the causes, war, poverty.... we can see that there need to be changes in the countries immigrants are coming from so that they don’t feel like they need to come to the U.S., just to have a decent life. An example for how we could fix this problem is by looking at what we did with the Irish immigrants- putting money into Ireland to help fix the problems instead of just trying to keep the immigrants out.

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Immigration Reform group

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From Katie: Why do they immigrate illegally - [[1]]

From Katie: [Immigration Forum] This website is amazing, it goes into background on national immigration reform, statistics, and opinions. There is information about the affects of immigration on the economy and more, you just have to click around, and you'll find more and more options.

[Immigrants Statistics] - From Erin C.


From Nicole:

"History of Migration and Immigration Laws in the United States." [History of Immigration Laws]

"Immigration: People's Chief Concerns." [Public Opinion]

"Illegal Immigration." [Statistics on Illegal Immigration]

"Bush Begins to Push for Immigration Deal with Congress." [The President, Immigration, and Congress]

"Comprehensive Immigration Reform." [White House Immigration Information]

Summary of President Bush State of the Union Address. Important Quote: “We must address the problem of illegal immigration and deliver a system that is secure, productive, orderly, and fair.[He wants Congress to] secure our borders, enhance interior and worksite enforcement, create a temporary worker program, resolve – without animosity and without amnesty – the status of illegal immigrants already here, and promote assimilation into our society. All elements of this problem must be addressed together – or none of them will be solved."

"Citizenship Up for Grabs: the Supreme Court and Immigration." [The Supreme Court and Immigration]

Legal Immigration

From Katie: [Migration Policy Institute's Center on Immigrant Integration Policy] Up to date news and info about legal immigation

Illegal Immigration


Current Issues

From Katie: This talks about different aspects of why illegal immigration is bad: [[2]]

From Isabella: Current happenings going on today in Immigration--[[3]]

Effects on the Economy

From Katie: [U.S. Immigration and Economic Growth: Putting Policy on Hold]

From Nicole:

"Life Without Illegal Immigrants-Effect on Economy-Editorial." [Effects on Economy]

From John: [The Cost of Immigration] From John: [Lower Wages for American Workers] From John: [Why Amnesty is a bad idea] From John: [Bush on Immigration]




Effects on Culture

Effects on Health Care

Effects on Education

Solutions to the Problem

From Katie: [Reform]

From Katie: [Recently Leaked White House Proposal] From 4/11/07 the white house's immigration reform plan.

From Katie: [Coalition for Comprehensive Immigation Reform] Has a lot of information, looking from an immigarnt'spoint of view. Includes studies and resources and legislation.

Opposing Viewpoints

From John:

[a perspective on migrant farm workersv1]

[[4]] - a perspective on migrant farming 2

[[5]] -a perspective on migrant farming 3 (ariticle illustrates the danger and hardship faced by migrant farm workers)

[[6]]index=8&did=1079357611&SrchMode=1&sid=1&Fmt=3&VInst=PROD&VType=PQD&RQT=309&VName=PQD&TS=1176709693&clientId=10553 -immigrants create problems wherever they go

[[7]] -a story of a immigrant who died crossing the border

From Nicole:

"Two Sides of the Same Coin: the Connection Between Legal and Illegal Immigration." [Legal vs. Illegal Immigration]

"An Examination of Divergent Views on Immigration." [Different Views]

"Interest Groups Lead Illegal Immigration Charge." [Interest Groups]

"Immigration Debate is Shaped by '08 Election." [Immigration Debate in Upcoming Election]

"Immigration Agenda: Republicans Vs. Democrats." [Republicans vs. Democrats]

Conservative Viewpoint

[Whitehouse Immigration Reform Plan] -- President Bush's Plan For Comprehensive Immigration Reform -Erin C.

Liberal Viewpoint


Other Articles and Information

From Erin C.


[[9]]--- gives a brief description of different people- irish, german...- who have immigrated.

From Isabella:

[[10]] FAIR's Immigration Report is the nation's most widely read immigration reform newsletter, packed with immigration reform facts and news, special bulletins on immigration legislation and happenings in Congress, and much more.

[[11]] An Immigration Refrom Agenda the 110th Congress

[[12]] Visas and Immigration- Contains three article links "Bush, in Latin America, Explains Plan for Immigration Reform", "U.S. To Welcome Record Number of International Visitors in 2007", "Visitors to U.S. Have New Way To Report Entry, Exit Problems"

[[13]] Republican National Committee on Immigration Reform

[[14]] Another view on immigration with some personal stories "Keep Families Together"

From Nicole: I wrote a paper on this early in the semester and I have a lot of information from books that I got from Foley. Titles include: "Defining America through Immigration Policy" by: Bill Hing, "Illegal Immigration: Opposing Viewpoints" by: Dudley William, and "Immigration the Beleagured Bureacracy" by: Morris D Milton

I just returned these books to the library and there isnt much information in them. I will try to cut and paste any important quotes that I used in my paper before so you dont have to go through the whole book.