Kasey Barghout's Information Diet

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Kasey Barghout's Information Diet

International and Local News

  • New York Times-I always go on here to keep updated on current events, I have an app on my phone for it too!
  • BBC NewsThis could be a good way to balance my perspective and maybe give me a more depth in news sources.


  • IMDB-I look up movies to see who the actors are in movies or find quotes.
  • Fandango-I use this site to see what movies are out and which ones I would actually want to see.
  • YouTube-I like to look up funny videos to get a laugh in during study breaks
  • Watch Series Online- A website where I can stream any episode of pretty much any TV series, but mostly How I Met Your Mother.
  • Think Exist-It always have a quote of the day that I like to read.
  • Pandora-A good way to find new music through "collaborative filtering"!


  • Blackboard-I look at this thing way to many times because I missed an assignment once that was up there.
  • Zagmail- I check my email about three times a day, and there are always new emails and information I need to acquire from it.