Kelley Boone's Information Diet

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News and Current Information and Opinion

  • CNN - I find current news here, it has conservative bias. This is really the only news sight I look at, if I look at one at all. I don't usually look up news unless it's for a class.
  • History Channel - I love the history channel. I find history most of the earth the most interesting, it talks about geographical changes in the past and future.
  • CBS - 60 Minutes gets me every time. They always discuss prominent underlying, burdening, problems going on today.
  • Weather Channel - I always like knowing what the weather is going to be like where I am staying, either here or back home.

New Sources of Interest

Balance Perspective

  • ABC - Some left wing.

Deepen Perspective

  • MSNBC - Hope this deepens my perspective!


  • Youtube - Youtube can be useful in many ways. I mainly use it for entertainment but sometimes I also use it if i have a question that maybe somebody else has answered in a video.
  • Facebook - I use Facebook to mainly keep in contact with my friends and family and I sometimes get minor news. People always links or status updates about something going on.