Kevin Ward's Information Diet

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National and Local News

  • The News Tribune - My source for local news to see what is going on in my hometown, Tacoma, WA.


  • Fox Sports - Used for checking scores and any other news in the sports world. My main sports information source.
  • ESPN/Fantasy - The page I go on to check my fantasy football team throughout the fall.
  • Scout - The page I use to check high school football and basketball stars. Gives you information on where they are planning on going to college to play sports.


  • Eastbay - Look at clothes to buy, mostly for sports but also a place I go when I want to buy shoes or see what new clothes they have.
  • Hulu - Helps me keep up on TV shows that I missed.
  • The Onion - Even though its just for laughs, It helps me see whats going on in the celebrity world, not just sports and news.

Balance Perspective

  • CNN - Not political views that I would normally agree with, but something I should start reading.

Deepen Perspective

  • Dawgman - an extension of that goes deeper into Washington Husky Athletics.

New Stuff

  • MSNBC - A news page I have not looked into.