Logan Torres' Information Diet

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National and Local News

  • CNN I use this website to keep me informed of what is going on around the Nation.
  • Fox News This website also gives me national news, but offers some different perspectives which I like.
  • KREM 2 News This website is my main source for local news. I like this one better than the other options in my area because the news anchors are more informed.


  • Facebook I visit this website the most I think out of all the websites listed. It informs me of what is going with my friends and also shows upcoming events.
  • Netflix Not only do I use this site for entertainment, but also for education. There are numerous documentaries that inform of topics I am interested in.
  • Pandora This website is used strictly for entertainment. I can listen to my favorite tunes from classical to rap.


  • ESPN I use this website to get a general knowledge of what is going on in sports at the time. I also use this website for fantasy football.
  • NBA I use this website for information about my favorite sport, basketball. It gives me detailed up to the minute information.

Balance Perspective

  • Real Clear Politics This website would give me a perspective from both sides of the government and therefore would balance my view of politics.

Deepening Perspective

  • Fantasy Football Toolbox This website would give me much more detailed information about my fantasy football league and could help me do better each week.

New Sources

  • Yahoo I want to start using this website because it is a good news generator that could eventually take me to other new websites.