Maggie Fischer's Information Diet

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News Sources

  • [Report] I usually read articles by conservatives regarding current events, mostly recommended by family members
  • [[1]] I read whatever I find interesting, usually shows up on my iGoogle page
  • [News] A general feed of news international and global that is constantly on my homepage

Education Sources

  • [[2]] For checking grades, assignments, etc.
  • [[3]] For paying bills, checking class schedules, etc.
  • [[4]] For morningmail, important safety announcements, professors' emails, etc.
  • [Alfino's Website] For philosophy assignments!

Entertainment/Social Networking Sources

  • [[5]] For checking in with family, friends, classmates
  • [[6]] For entertaining tidbits, pictures, videos, quotes, blogging
  • [[7]] For sharing music playlists
  • [Onion] For some satire in my diet

Plan for Broadening My Informational Horizons

  • [Daily Beast] To get some liberal milk to my conservative Cheerios
  • [[8]] Although I peruse this site already, I plan to view it from the perspective of another country (an option on the website) in order to get some global news
  • [Spokesman Review] Since I'm from Oregon and I don't know much about my current city, I'm adding some local news to keep informed
  • [News] Since I already check Google News, I figure the combination of these two will fill in any informational holes in the breaking news department

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