Major Happiness Research Questions

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Major Research Questions

  1. How objective, real, subjective is happiness?
  2. Is it true that money does not make you happy?
  3. What role does fate and luck play in happiness?
  4. What role does wealth play in happiness?
  5. What role does love and intimacy play in happiness?
  6. What role does pleasure play in happiness?
  7. To what extent can we influence our general happiness by the things we do?
  8. What insights and practices, if any, can I make use of from historical philosophical and relgious thought on happiness (Christianity, Hellenistic schools, Yoga, Buddhism)?
  9. Is Happiness the end of a good life (recall stoics)?
  10. If we know so much about happiness, why not use it to guide public policy?
  11. How compatible is Happiness with instances or conditions of great sadness in one's life?
  12. Do I need to know and practice to be happy with my life to be happy? (My Philosophy of Happiness Paper)