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  1. Acquire knowledge about the philosophical method and the rhetoric of philosophy.
  2. Improve skills in research, argumentation, and philosophical methods.
  3. Find and develop your philosophical voice through ongoing research and shared intellectual discussion.

Course Description

This course focuses on philosophical method, as well as rhetoric and style in philosophical discourse and writing. The search for method in philosophy is itself a philosophical investigation and we try to pursue it as a collaborative project, through both common readings and student driven content. The seminar structure of the course allows students to develop ongoing research interests and share research with the class. The goal of the course is to create a research environment in which students can both think about method and practice philosophy as an intellectual craft.

In practice, the seminar begins with some common course readings on the nature of philosophy and the problem of method in philosophy. While we are discussing these readings, students will be developing some short and long term research interests. Student work should come to occupy the largest share of our time through mid-terms. We may choose additional readings for the last 4-5 weeks of the course.

Contact Information

Dr. Mark Alfino, Department of Philosophy, Campion Hall 203, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington 99258

Office Hours: See

Office: (509) 313-6753 | Cell: (509) 499-8255


Students in my courses should feel free to call me at home if the other phone numbers do not find me.


  1. . You must complete all work in the course to receive a grade.
  2. . You must disclose any work that you are turning in for this course that you are submitting or have submitted for other courses.
  3. . You must comply with all university policies concerning academic honesty.