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Moral Responsibility and Free Will News!

  • A story about turkeys and hold punchers.
  • Taking responsibility for pygmy rabbits. [1], [2]
  • So this is Free Will news for a naturalist. [3]
  • Are you alright? Relates to Dennett's point at 300 about probability to commit a crime and the "public health" model.
  • Test your intuitions about the limits of science here. [4]
  • Prime mammal found in my Ethics class! "Real" "Pure" Altruism!
  • A story from the Innocence Project's Conviction Integrity Unit - Toforest Johnson. [5]
  • Why it is so difficult to listen to the George Floyd murder trial.
  • Minnesota case recalls old Italian court judgement [6].
  • Mass shootings, gun buying, and the pandemic. [7], [8]. The existence of large trends might belie explanations that focus on individual moral responsibility.
  • Example of "cultural disfunction" in "go to" narratives for mass shootings.
  • Thinking about mass shootings, predictability, and responsibility.
  • Tragic multiple shooting in Atlanta. Consider two possibilities....
  • MR issues inside the $2 trillion dollar pandemic plan.
  • Some follow ups on the terrible car crash. [9], [10]
  • Nxivm cult doctor defends "branding" women in the cult. [11]
  • WA Supreme Court decision invalidates drug possession law. [12]
  • Is anyone morally responsible for the Texas power grid failure? This discussion might be a neat basis for an analogy between group(social)/individual responsibility. Second example, Are we collectively responsible for the rate at which people believed in conspiracies? Could a town share responsibility for the accidents on a stretch of road known to be dangerous?
  • Pride is also about "esteem," maybe a better opposing term to shame. "I'm proud of myself," roughly, "I have done something estimable."
  • Virginia becomes the first Southern state to eliminate the death penalty. Interesting reporting on crime victims responses. A proxy for retribution in some cases.
  • Update on "I'm so proud of you."
  • Not just Olympic officials make moral mistakes. [13]
  • In terms of our course research, what does it mean for a parent to say "I'm proud of my kids."?
  • Investigation completed in helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and guests.
  • Discussion with friend about adoption.
  • Discussion with friend about BJW and Christian commitments. "Oh, right. Injustice is our fault."
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene case is sometimes discussed in terms of "punishment" and sometimes in terms of being "unqualified" to be on an Education Committee in the House of Representatives.
  • Guy at the Lowe's without a mask. Retributive thought process follows. Retributive emotions can also be channeled verbally.
  • Throughout the pandemic, there has been a persistent discussion about the degree of responsibility we should take for reducing deaths and avoiding behaviors that spread the virus.
  • Occassionally, we will use this segment to learn about one of the saints in the class. Today: Baba Fakruddin
  • Capitol Hill Police officer who led insurrectionists away from Senate is promoted and honored at the Inauguration today.
  • How do we assess the culpability of a mob under the influence of a conspiracy theory? Does "radicalization" compromise responsibility?
  • Recent Supreme Court executions raise questions about MR.