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Topic Question

Is the new age limit fair, or does it take away from a persons fundamental rights?

What kind of negative and positive effects will the rule have on the game of basketball?

Potential Arguments, Structures, and Sources

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Opposing Viewpoints

NBA Age Limit Plan Ought to be Stuffed This article strongly opposes the newly implimented NBA Age policy. The author uses examples of previous high school players that skipped college to go directly to the pro's and have been successful as evidence that teen phenoms can make it in the NBA. He also states the right an 18 year old has to apply for work anywhere except the NBA, and how going to college for a year can ultimatly hurt a prospect. - Conor

Supporting Viewpoints

College Isn't a Bad Place to Learn The article focuses on the issue of drafting National Basketball Association (NBA) players with reference to the drafting of international players. Teams are realizing that it's less risky to draft internationals because they are more coachable and don't have American-style. The best road to NBA success remains drafting players trained in the U.S. colleges, something commissioner David Stern recognized when he added an age minimum to the league's draft. In the past three years, NBA teams have selected 18 internationally trained players in the first round. Of the top eight players in minutes for the four highest playoff seeds in each conference, 84 percent were trained by U.S. colleges and 14 percent developed overseas. - Conor

NBA Needs 20-year old Minimum as Much as Kobe Needs Shaq This article focus on what the rule will do for the veterans of the league, by allowing them more job security. It also says that once this rule is implimented it will give the NBA fans a better product. - Conorlink title

Adults Only This article supports the new rule because with it, we will avoid the players that jump straight from high school to the pro's only to ride the pine. With the new rule players will be forced to learn and devolope in college or the NBDL which is good for the league. - Conor

Non-opinionated Viewpoints

Coaches Waiting to see how 19 age Rule Playes out Short article that interviews two college coaches on what they think about the rule. Not very much information. - Conor

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