Philosophy of Culture

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Main Links

Other Resources

  • New evidence of Neanderthaal / Human interbreeding. [1]
  • Your Phone vs. Your Heart [2]
  • Update on course research from GIF Proseminar talk [6]
  • Great you tube on demographic shifts and trends [7] Thanks to Andrew G!
  • You tube interview of evolutionary anthropologist Michael Tomasello on intentionality [8]

Minder and Ferriter presentation on Epigenetics

  • Open this powerpoint [9] and audio [10] to replay this presentation.

Some Italian history references

  • Mani Pulite Investigations [11]
  • Chartsbin graphs on trust [12] and corruption [13].
  • Lateran Agreement 1929 [14]
  • Italian Fascist Propaganda [15]
  • Map of the towns in Crocini's study. [16]

Jon Stewart Italian News Satire, No Men for Old Country

Saw this online and thought it needed to be shared!


Anthropology, Inc and the Coolhunt

Hey, here's an article that a student in our class found on how anthropology is being used today for market research. Very interesting for developing your intuitions on ethnography [18]. It reminded me of an older piece by Malcolm Gladwell that is somewhat famous: The Coolhunt [19]

Girlfriend in a Coma

A very interesting and controversial film is being discussed in Italy right now: Girlfriend in a Coma. It was going to be shown in Rome at the MAXXI cinema but then the venue cancelled the show, promting some to suggest [self-censorship]. Sky-Italia (a Rupert Murdoch station which competes with Berlusconi controlled media) aired the film last week, it is still mostly unavailable in Italy and the films sites appear to be blocked by Italian government. [20] and [21]. Facebook links to watch the film online appear to be blocked. The film is very critical of Berlusconi. There is a showing Tuesday evening (2/19) at [Teatro Verdi] with the films director.

This case fits with our theme of "how to criticize a culture."

Italian History Timeline

  • Check out this timeline of Italian History. You can do informal work on the timeline for your grading scheme. 5% for editing/creating 10-15 events. It's fun!

Miscellaneous Items

  • Are Native Americans decendents of the Chinese? [22] and this recent result (thanks to Nick Alfino!) [23]
  • Quick Read: Carbon samples seem to disprove theory on the evolution of bipedalism. Interesting new finding contradicting previous thought on Early Africa. [24]

Links on E.O. Wilson's book and the controversies around kin and group selection

  • Check out wikipedia articles on Kin Selection and Group Selection
  • The Social Conquest of Nature Richard Dawkin's review of E. O. Wilson's The Social Conquest of Nature
  • David Sloan Wilson's review of Dawkin's review of E. O. Wilson's The Social Conquest of Nature
  • Here's a permalink to the original Nature article on the evolution of Eusociality that Nowak and Tarnita, and Wilson published in 2010. You'll need your GU network login to access it. Nowak, Martin A., Corina E. Tarnita, and Edward O. Wilson. "The evolution of eusociality." Nature 466, no. 7310 (August 26, 2010): 1057-1062. Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed January 17, 2013).