Philosophy of Human Nature - Recent Mid-term Exam

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4/26/2011 Dr. Mark Alfino Philosophy Department

Midterm Exam – Philosophy 201

Answer 8 of the following 10 questions in the lengths suggested. Do not skip any question marked with an asterisk (*).

1. What is the difference between epistemology and metaphysics? (2 sentences)

2. In the dialogue Euthyphro, what is Euthyphro doing and how is it relevant to Socrates’ situation? (One paragraph)

3. Identify two examples of philosophical method from Socrates’ speech in the Apology. (3-4 sentences)

4. What is the difference between propositional knowledge and knowledge by acquaintance? (1 paragraph)

*5. How does Descartes think he has established certainty in Meditation 2? Identify one potential criticisms of his claim? (One paragraph, plus 2-3 sentences)

*6. Reconstruct Socrates’ questioning of Agathon as an argument, then critically evaluate it? (2 paragraphs)

7. Why does Locke think that secondary properties are different from primary ones? (One paragraph)

8. What is the problem of induction and why is it hard to solve? (One paragraph)

9. What is the difference between substance dualism and property dualism? Why might one prefer one to the other? (3-4 sentences)

*10. Why does Papineau think that physicalism is not an assumption of science? What is it then? (2-3 sentences)