Questions for Videocracy

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While watching the film, please

  1. Take a note of what you do not understand and of what you would like to comment on.
  2. How can we explain the phenomenon of the veline? What does Ricky think of it?
  3. What do Berlusconi, Lele Mora, and Fabrizio have in common, in what ways do they differ from each other? What is the connection between them and Ricky?
  4. What significance do the ideas of "a modern Robin Hood" (Corona); that "life can be marvelous like television" (Fabio); and that "it's enough to appear" (Lele Mora) have within the world depicted?
  5. What connections would you draw between these ideals and what you have learned about the type of society and culture promoted by Berlusconi?
  6. What concrete parallels can you draw between this cultural climate and the US context? What of both collective and individual tendencies would you relate specifically to Italian history, culture and political situation?
  7. What do you learn from the captions at the end of the film?