Quit Smoking Forever

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You Can Quit Smoking Weed Forever

When you quit smoking weed forever, your health immediately starts to pick up. However, you may face some side effects of quitting smoking for a few days. When you stop smoking weed, your brain begins yearning for his stipulated dose of cannabis. The urge is so intense that you experience side effects of quitting smoking which is also known as cannabis withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most commonly reported quitting smoking side effects are headache, anxiety, anger, nervousness, depression, cough, sore throat and dry mouth. These effects are most annoying, especially during the first three days of quitting smoking process. These eventually disappear towards the end of the first week. The first few days of your quit smoking process are also the hardest to overcome. Once you have successfully completed, you have high chances of quitting successfully for life.

Previously, the only option was for the people to stop smoking using the cold turkey method. This means that you stop smoking by sheer willpower alone. Although many people are still able to successfully stop using this method, it is observed that most people have at least 40 to 10 attempts to quit before they actually make beats. Hence, the risk of smoking weed cessation is quite low using this method.

Currently, one of the most advanced smoking cessation aids is a smoking cessation drug called Chantix Varenicline. Developed by Pfizer pharmaceuticals, Chantix is an FDA approved drug to quit smoking. The drug helps to relieve you of the painful cannabis withdrawal symptoms. The active ingredient in Chantix Varenicline dupes your brains into thinking that it received its dose of dependent drug. You therefore do not suffer from desire for it anymore. Another unique feature of Chantix is that smoking is made less enjoyable for you. So even if you smoke when you quit smoking with Chantix treatment, you do not derive the same pleasure as you used previously. You're not tempted to light a cigarette again. As a result, your chances to quit smoking weed forever increase. The drug works better than Zyban, the only other FDA-approved pill to stop smoking, apart from Chantix. However, you should consult your physician before using any quit smoking drug.