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Here is a pdf of the third addition of Against Method -- Against Method

I would suggest reading from page 5 to 23. This would include the Analytical Index, the Introduction, and the first two chapters. If you've got the time, the Preface, the Preface to the Third Edition, and the Introduction to the Chinese Edition are also worth a read; they give you a view into Feyerabend's larger project, and boy is he an interesting character.

Check out section 5.1 and 5.2 on Feyerabend on the SEP -- SEP on Feyerabend

Here is a pdf of Chalmers, 2011 - "Verbal Disputes" -- Verbal Disputes

Here is a link to the famous debate between F. C. Copleston and Bertrand Russell -- Copleston/Russell Debate

Here is a link to the website of Kent Bach, a contemporary Speech Act Theorist -- Kent Bach's Website

I suggest reading his "Meaning and Communication"; it is quite short, provides a functional overview of SAT while presenting his theory of nonliteral, indirect speech acts -- Meaning and Communication

Here is a link to my Method Paper -- A Method For Progress