Religious Violence

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Links for Economist's 11/1 Special Report on Religion and public life

My Findings

Finding and Link (Robinson, B.A. "Religiously-Based Civil Unrest and Warfare." Religious Tolerance. 11 Dec. 2006. 12 Nov. 2007 <>. )

Summary/Reconstruction This website talks about the role of religion in civil unrest and war, and follows with most of the current examples going on in the world. It is important to realize that most of the world's current "hot spots" have a complex interaction of economic, racial, ethnic, religious, and other factors. The websites provides a table that includes countries with at least some degree of religious intolerance.

Your Name (Gwenna Carie)

My Findings

Finding and Link (Bertrand, Jacques. "Legacies of the Authoritarian Past: Religious Violence in Indonesia's Moluccan Islands." Pacific Affairs 75.1 (2002): 57-85. Research Library. ProQuest. Foley Center Library. Spokane, WA. 13 Nov. 2007 <>.)

Summary/Reconstruction This article talks about the violence occurring in Indonesia and how it relates back to the violence occurring in the 60s. This is a great article for comparing and contrasting different political and economic issues in Indonesia as well as other countries dealing with religious violence. There is some great information that shows how history can be relevant to events occurring today.

Your Name' (Annie Gould)