Resources for Basic Cooking and Culinary Skills

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Basic Cooking Skills

  • Epicurious, “Essentail kitchen tools for beginner cooks”, [1]
  • My Recipes: 18 Basic Cooking Skills you should learn in your 20s [2]
  • Gordon Ramsey youtube videos on cooking skills. [3] [4]

Creating Flavor

  • Canyon Ranch, How to Create a balance of flavors in your cooking. [5]
  • The Kitchn: Basic Techniques: Eight ways to build flavor. [6]

Meal Planning

  • The Kitchn: Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning [7]
  • Slender Kitchen: Beginner’s Guide to Vegetarian Meal Planning [8]
  • Taste of Home: 7 day meal plan for anyone trying to eat less meat. [9]

Cook’s “Secrets” and tips for Flavor

  • Buzzfeed, “Chefs Are Sharing The One Secret Ingredient They Use To Improve Common Dishes, And I'm Taking Notes” [10]
  • Love Food, “ 30 secret ingredients professional chefs swear by”. [11]