Riley Mackey's Information Diet

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Local, National and International News

  • The Seattle Times - I use this for most of my local news, national news and some international news. Used the actual newspaper at home.
  • MSN - This is where I get most of my national and international news.
  • Wenatchee World - While I don't live in Wenatchee, I have strong ties to the area and this is a good source for information from there.

News, magazines and other sources

  • Time Magazine - I read Time magazine weekly and it gives the news and other topics in a print form which is my preferred form.
  • 60 Minutes - Usually news based but gives detailed descriptions and information on a broad range of topics. It aires weekly and is very interesting.
  • NPR - I don't listen as much as I'd like to but I am always intrigued by their topics and stories.

Deepen my perspective

  • BBC - I only really watch BBC whenever I am traveling somewhere but I am always interested in their segments. I would like to start watching and going to their website more often.


  • CNN - Obviously this is a good news source and many people say its a fair balance and not too biased. I heard this would be a good source for national and international news.