Samantha Mastaler's Information Diet

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News Sources

  • Google News - Lists top news stories and has a variety of topics to choose from.
  • CNN - Gives overviews of top stories and has videos also.
  • Tri-City Herald - Keeps me updated on local news and what is going on at home.


  • People - What can I say, I like to keep up on celeberity gossip.
  • Seventeen - Good fashion and beauty tips.
  • Facebook - Keep up with my friends and family by pictures and status posts.

What I've Heard About

  • Stumble Upon- A fun website that a lot of my friends use for interesting stories about your personal intrests.


  • History Channel- This will balance my information because I will not only be paying attention to current events but also past events.

Deepen My Thinking

  • BBC - Will give me another view on current events.
  • The Onion - Will give me more of a chance to read satire.