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Sources for News

International News

BBC:[1]: Always has the best information that is 100% accurate in my opinion. This is my go to news cite when wanting to know the top stories.

CNN:[[2]]: Gives brief overviews of top stories but doesn't compare to BBC.

National News

CNN:[[3]] A wide variety of news that is both Internationl and National news. It deepens my knowledge in what is going on around the world currently.

New York Times:[[4]] National news that is very specific and always has great pictures. Never leaves any details out and always has the top news stories.

Local News

Seattle TImes:[[5]]When I'm missing home or wondering what is going on in the Greater Seattle are, this is my "go to" cite. It has everything about Seattle including the news, sports, entertainment, great opinion articles, etc.

Spokesman Review:[[6]] Now that I live in Spokane I find it important to know what surrounds you daily so I look here to find my information

King 5:[[7]]Another sources that has the top stories but mainly for the Seattle area. I used to always look for the weather and if school was cancelled.

Basic News

MSN:[[8]] This is my homepage on my laptop and i love reading the stories, news, weather, entertainment, basically anything from this cite.

E News:[[9]] One of the most reliable "gossip" about the celebrity cites. When I don't have a magazine to look at I go here.

Google:[[10]] The search engine is incredible, google is amazing and I use it for just about anything.


Rotten Tomatoes:[[11]] This is a very opinion based website that critics can express their own opinion on movies. I am always entertained when I read the reviews and it helps me decide which movies to watch.

ESPN:[[12]]I rarely check up on sports news but if for some reason I do, ESPN is the way to go. People: Most reliable celebrity news, I love to read the magazine.

IMDB:[[13]] Always a great source when needing information on release dates, actors, movies, etc.

Facebook: [[]] A source that I receive news from all different aspects of my life, friends, family, Gonzaga, stores, groups, etc.

Furthering my Knowledge

Biomedical News:[[14]] This source is very interesting and credible. I love to learn about news depths within the medical world.

NPR:[[15]]One of my favorites when I get the time, it has incredible stories and really challenges your thinking.

Everyday Visits

I enjoy looking at these sources daily on my phone through my apps:

-BBC World News

-Seattle TImes

-Weather Channel



-Zagmail: Keeps me posted on information with Gonzaga

-Blackboard: Keeps me up to date with my classes