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Topic Question

From Stephanie S.: What resources should a catholic, private university provide regarding sexual activities and reproductive health?

Potential Arguments, Structures, and Sources

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Sex Education Group

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Catholic Stance on Sex Education

From Lindsay House: This website covers the view point of how catholics on sexual education. Covers the Pope's stance on the topic.

From Lindsay House: http:Sexual education in catholic schools //

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a book that directly states the Church's stance on everything. This website is a searchable version of the text. In this section, they talk about the Church's view of Chasity and fornication.


Arguments for Abstinence Ed on College Campuses

From Stephanie Suhadolnik: DEC 3 - ( -- "Sex on college campuses is often unhealthy, and is too often even violent. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is meeting an urgent public health need by making it possible for federally funded abstinence-education dollars to reach a population that includes those of college age. Not only do people in this age group have the highest STD rates, but they also have the highest non-marital pregnancy rates," said Gary L. | Abstinence Program Push

Trends on College Campuses

From Stephanie Suhadolnik: A new crop of college sex magazines shows students baring it all. These student-generated magazines, some with the imprimatur of university financing and faculty advisers, are becoming a fact of life. Jacobs explores this campus phenomenon. |NY Times Article on Sex Phenomenon

From Lindsay House: AMERICANS generally think of back-to-school as a time for discounts on laptops and backpacks, a mad dash for textbooks and CliffsNotes, a chance to stock up on wool tights and warm socks. Few associate it with latex and lubricant. | NY Times Here's Your Syllabus and Your Condom Article

From Lindsay House: This website provides statistics from catholic an non-catholic schools on contraceptives and premarital sex.

Causes of Sex Trends

From Stephanie Suhadolnik: This article explores the cause that high school sex ed should be more comprehensive instead of teaching abstinence because it is eventually causing college students to be uniformed with a high rate of irresponsible sexual activity. | Willfull Ignorance

Other College Campus Practices/Resources

From Stephanie Suhadolnik: Here are a few pages about Washington State University's sexual activity and reproduction resources.

| WSU's Birth Control Page | WSU's Condom Brochure | WSU's Morning After Pill Brochure | WSU's Available Condoms | WSU's View On Sexual Choices | WSU's Men's Health Page

Here is a site that discusses the sexual activity and reproduction resources at the University of Colorado at Boulder. -Chelsea (This is a great site that talks about the prce of condoms and the cheapest place to buy them.)

This is Whitworth's Student Handbook... Check out rule two that states there will be no cohabition on campus. It pretty much spells out how they feel about premarital sex. -Chelsea