Shannon Scola's Information Diet

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News and Current Information


  • CNN - international news, it is really helpful for finding my political science current events
  • Yahoo - gives international news, not just political but cultural as well

United States News

  • FoxNews - More of a conservative perspective, I use it for looking up Republican political news
  • NBC - More of a liberal perspective, I use it for looking up Democratic political news, it helps deepen my perspective

Hometown News

  • OC Register - I read this to see what's going on back home

Music, Movies, and Books


  • Pandora - I can get suggestions for other songs I may enjoy through pandora


  • IMDB - I can learn different facts about my favorite movies and TV shows


  • Amazon - I can get suggestions for books I might like based on books I have read

Special Interests

  • Facebook - I can keep in touch with my friends and see what is going on
  • US Weekly - good source of gossip