Some suggestions for Research topics

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  • Any topic in “Food studies” is open to you, so try some searches to see the domain for this interdisciplinary field.

Here are some specific ideas:

  • Visit and interview people at the Grain Shed Cooperative (Spokane) about their unique approach to bread and business.
  • Visit and volunteer at 2nd Harvest to learn more about food security in Spokane.
  • Visit Pure Eiyre Dairy in Othello to tour their operation.
  • Learn about Link Foods and alternative food sources, such you would see at the Perry Food market (starting in the Spring).
  • Look into research on animal production and climate change.
  • Read about “gastronomic trends” like coffee, beer, and chocolate.
  • Look into corporate consolidation in the food industry.
  • Go further in tracking recent discoveries in microbiome research.
  • Study eating disorders and the latest research.