Sovereignty & Right to Protect

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Sovereignty and the Right to Protect

Main Topic Questions

  • This topic seems to grow out of the Singer Chapter on intervention and the predominance of this issue in the news.
  • What are the grounds for intervening in another country's sovereignty to prevent recognized international crimes against humanity from ocurring?
  • What sort of international structure (or reform of the UN) is needed to authorize intervention? Should this structure have a standing military?

Research Needs

  • Update the Singer reading by looking up recent activity of the international organizations he references.
  • Collect arguments and opinions from authoritative sources.


  • One argument for protecting sovereignty is that when we intervene it can create more instability. It article uses the Iraq war as an example [1]


  • This is a very detailed look at the definition of sovereignty [2]

Human rights and crimes against humanity

  • This is a definition of crimes against humanity according to the International Criminal Court [3]
  • This is the Human Rights Watch website which allows you to see the human rights conditions in any nation by searching it. [4]
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights [5]