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Show me that you can add content to a wiki page and introduce yourself to your classmates. Follow the pattern below:

  • (Name) real or fictional
(short introduction, link to something you find interesting, or just some random shout out)
  • Phyllis Gallant
I finally figured out how to post here!! Thank you Molly for your help today to navigate this!

I am a senior Psychology Major and Philosophy Minor. I am from Edmonton, Alberta and I enjoy outdoor pursuits especially downhill skiing and mountain biking.

  • Catherine Crosby
I am a senior with a double major in Accounting and Information Systems and a minor in Religious Studies. I am from Ipswich, MA and I enjoy skiing and snowboarding.
  • Kendall Riddelle
Hi! I'm a senior Biology major working toward finding a decent job after graduation to work at while I apply to PA school. I'm from Richland, WA. I like to cook, play soccer, and practice yoga. I am definitely a dog person.
  • Carrie Herrman
I am a junior double majoring in Environmental Studies and Philosophy. I love the outdoors, biking, reading, and am incredibly passionate about both music and food. I look forward to getting to know more of the people in this class.
  • Shelbi Eller:
I am a senior double majoring in Criminal Justice and Political Science. I am originally from Kent Wa, and I love music, and reading.
  • Caitlyn Petersen
I am a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I am from Sacramento, CA and looking forward to learning more in this class!
  • Harrison Van Til
I am a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am from Redmond, WA, and I enjoy skiing
  • Steven Peterson
I am a business major concentrating in finance with a minor in sport management. I am a coxswain, the smallest person in the boat, on the men's rowing team!
  • Conor Garside
I am a business major with a concentration in law and public policy and a minor in philosophy. I am from Mukilteo, Washington, a small town twenty minutes North of Seattle. I enjoy reading, geology, and film.
  • Joey Harris
I am a business major with a concentration in law and public policy and a minor in philosophy (Just like Conor). I am from Los Angeles, CA. I am on the baseball team here at Gonzaga and plan on playing that as long as I can. Go Zags!
  • Tierney Bagley
I am a double major in Spanish and Communications and am from Everett, Washington, about 30 minutes North of Seattle (near where Conor is from)! I love being active and going on adventures!
  • Samantha Swift
I am a senior Psychology major and English minor. I am from Phoenix, AZ and have loved living in the snow in Spokane over the past 3.5 years. Excited for this class!
  • Nicole Mullen: I am a senior majoring in Sociology, and I'm from San Francisco, CA. I am excited to finish out my GU career with this course!
  • Heather O'Halloran: I am a senior majoring in Business with a double concentration in Finance and Economics. I grew up in San Jose California and I am excited to become a wiser person!
  • Terry Milner: I am a senior majoring in Sport Management. I am from Edmonds, WA, but my family just recently moved to Phoenix, AZ. I love to play sports and I am on the Men's Club Volleyball Team at Gonzaga.
  • Raychelle Santos: I am a senior majoring in Sport Mangement and minoring in Promotions. I am from La Quinta, Ca where it is always sunny and we're famous for dates. I am part of the Women's Golf Team and love to try new foods!
  • Adam Novajovsky: I am a senior Biology major on the pre-med path from Flint, Michigan. I love playing sports and going skiing, and watch way too much Netflix.
  • Maddy Boone: I am a senior majoring in Sociology with a general business minor. I am from Sacramento, CA and I am looking forward to learning more about wisdom.
  • Addison Johnson: I am a senior majoring in Public Relations with a double minor in marketing and English. I am from Gig Harbor, WA and am on the cross country and track team here. Looking forward to a great semester!
  • Megan Freel: I am a senior studying history and spanish. I was born and bred in the hell gates of Tualatin, Oregon (just outside Portland). I love to run and train for races and I'll be moving to Baltimore next year to begin teaching! Excited to become wise.
  • Caitlin Murn: I'm a senior English major and I am also pursuing teaching certification. I enjoy reading (probably not shocking), visiting new places, and hanging out with my dog Violet. I'm excited to journal a bit this semester.
  • Kayla O'Sullivan: I am a senior Biology major with a concentration in Biology Research and a minor in music, on the pre-med track. I am from Seattle and I enjoy playing violin and love traveling.
  • Morgan Douglass: I am a business major with a double concentraion in Finance and Business Law and Public Policy. I am a Spokane native, born and raised here! I am on the volleyball team. I enjoy skiing and spending time at the lake in my spare time.
  • Kris Heldt: I am a mathematics major with a minor in economics. I've lived in Spokane since 2000, and before that Castro Valley, CA. I love to play soccer and am a goalie for the GU Mens club soccer team.
  • Josh Hoidn
I am a Junior Business Major with an undecided concentration. I was born in Germany and lived there until I was nine years old. Sports are a big part of my life, whether that is watching them or playing them. I am part of the Gonzaga Men's Crew team.
  • Luke Wade: I am a senior marketing major from Mill Creek, Washington.
  • Alyssa Cook: I am a senior psychology major, sociology minor from Sacramento, California. I am in the process of applying to grad schools for master's programs in public health and social work!
  • Meg Rapp: I am a junior business administration major with a concentration in marketing and a minor in public relations. I was born and raised right outside of beautiful Portland, Oregon. I'm on the women's soccer team here. My alter ego is named Peg.
  • Brennan Calley: senior majoring in biology ad business. Going to miss gonzaga bunch once graduation comes. Currently skiing up at big white in canada! so I love the outdoors and really excited to take your class again. I'm looking forward to the new website you use for grade distribution,
  • Sarah Prata
I am a senior computer science major with a philosophy minor and I am the oldest of 7 kids. I also like to create algorithmic art, check it out here: [1]
  • Kelly McCarthy: I am a senior psychology major and spanish minor from San Francisco, CA. I am currently applying to graduate programs for school counseling.
  • Andrew Petrucci
I am a senior computer engineering major and I just like to build stuff. here is a link to my git (its still a work in progress): [2]
  • Molly Smith
I'm from Fort Collins, Colorado, and my major is in English with a writing concentration.