Stephanie Gosse's Information Diet

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News & Current Events

  • CNN The site I usually visit when I need to read the latest and greatest news.
  • MSNBC I usually visit MSNBC if I can't find what I'm looking for on CNN, or if I want to read another article about the same topic.
  • BBC News When I need my dose of international news and current events.

School Resources

  • ZagMail I check my email daily for upcoming school events and classroom reminders.
  • Blackboard I check this daily for assignment updates from my professors.
  • ZagWeb I go to ZagWeb to double check my schedule occasionally.
  • Google The search engine I use the most for research.
  • Wikipedia Where I go when I want to look something up quickly.
  • Amazon I visit Amazon to compare prices and buy textbooks.
  • Also a good place to purchase textbooks!
  • A great place to rent textbooks for a decent price.


  • Youtube A convenient place to watch video clips.
  • Netflix Where I stream most of my movies and favorite television shows.
  • IMDb I check IMDb on my computer and phone when I want information about movies or actors.
  • The Hype Machine A good place to check out new independent music. They have a great collection of mash-ups and remixes.

Social Networking

  • Facebook I check Facebook daily for updates about my friends and family.
  • Tumblr A blogging community that I submit posts to almost daily.

Sites to Visit

Websites I would like to visit in the future to expand my diet or to balance my views.