Summer1 2014 Ethics Course Assignments

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  • Chat participation -- Students will participate in 3 online chats. Participants in the chat session may explore the study questions or discuss related topics. Points for chat sessions will based on clarity of expression, use of argumentation, facilitation of discussion within the chat group. More details about this rubric will be posted in the introductory audio. You may earn extra credit by participating in a 4th chat session. (30%)
  • Journals -- Students will submit three journals of 2-3 pages length over the course of the summer session. Like the chats, the journals will make a critical exploration of the ideas and arguments in the readings. You may earn extra credit by submitting a 4th journal. (30%)
  • Critical Inventory Paper -- At the end of the session, students will write a 4-6 page paper identifying and discussing the 5 most important ideas in the course, in your opinion. (40%)