Summer1 2014 Ethics Suggested Projects and Topics

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Critical Analysis paper topics can be either relatively theoretical or relatively applied. Here are some suggestions. We will add to these during the term. You may also suggest a topic of your own. Papers should be 5-7 pages, typed and double spaced.

  1. Reconstruct Haidt "social intuitionist" view of morality and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Specifically, does Haidt give sufficient weight to reason in moral decision-making? Consider strengths and weaknesses of Haidt's view in relation to specific applied ethical problems of your choosing.
  2. Under what circumstances, if any, should euthanasia be permitted? Consider this question both in terms of your personal ethics (including religious values) and as a matter of social policy? What social rules or laws should govern typical scenarios in which euthanasia might be an option? Be sure to show an awareness of major conceptual distinctions and moral principles that should ground our decision-making.
  3. Reconstruct and analyze the moral issues raised by the video, "Food, Inc." Do some research to determine the extent to which Italian food production differs from the U.S. case.
  1. Write a paper articulating and analyzing contrasting views about our obligations to the poor, affirmative action admissions, or vegetarianism. Consider doing some research to make yourself well informed about the topic. Take a position, even if tentative, based on your analysis.
  2. What is utilitarianism and how compatible is it with Haidt's approach?
  3. Propose a topic or set of questions for this paper. Working with your faculty, develop a thesis and plan for your paper. Topics may be applied or theoretical.