Summer 2014 Philosophy of Culture Course Information

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Goals of the Course

  1. To acquire background in anthropology, history and culture of Benin, and philosophy of culture to facilitate understanding of observation and research in Benin.
  2. To understand the difficulty of development work in Western Africa.
  3. To pursue service and research in context of academic coursework in the Philosophy of Culture and in Benin.

Contact Information

Dr. Torunn Haaland, Department of Modern Languages, Gonzaga University,
Dr. Mark Alfino, Department of Philosophy, Gonzaga University, 313-6753.

Team Teaching

The Philosophy of Culture: Benin course is team taught. This means that the course content is viewed and discussed from the distinct perspectives of both instructors. Both instructors will be available online for every discussion and both instructors will be present during classroom instruction. All student work will be read by both instructors.


  • Assessment will include evaluation of online threaded conference discussion, small group chats transcripts, and final essays. Student are required to do a service project in country or a research project or both.


  1. You must complete all work in the course to receive a grade.
  2. You must disclose any work that you are turning in for this course that you are submitting or have submitted for other courses.
  3. You must comply with all university policies concerning academic honesty.