Summer 2014 Philosophy of Italian Culture Assignments

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This summer session course will be organized as a seminar. We will ask two students to post class notes on the readings each class and two other students to post discussion questions and help lead the discussion for class. These two roles will rotate through the seminar. Also, at the end of weeks 3 and 5 we will assign a short essay question of 2-3 pages.

  • "First 10" -- For each class, two students will post one or two screens of notes on the wiki outlining the main theses and information from the readings for that day. In the first 10 minutes of class they will give an overview of the reading.
  • DQs -- For each class, two students will post 3-5 discussion questions for the class and lead class discussion.
  • Short essays -- At the end of weeks 3 and 5, all students will answer an assigned question in 2-3 pages. These essays will be due on Sunday by noon.

We will model the "First 10" and "DQ" assignments for the first week and give some instruction to prepare you to answer the short essay questions.