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Chris Atkinson

Over the weekend I found myself in a reflective context. It was Saturday afternoon and I was in my friends truck with some of my friends. we were listening to music when a Skrillex song came on. My friend Patrick mentioned that Skrillex, the talented electronic musician, was coming to Spokane in late October for a concert at the Knitting factory downtown. We both agreed that this event would be glorious so we began talking about buying tickets. However, our friend Evan seemed skeptical about going to the concert. At the time he thought the concert would be expensive but we informed him it was only 26 dollars. We also reminded him how much he enjoyed the music of Skrillex. With more and more reasons to go to this event we found ourselves in unanimous agreement for making this night reality. In the end we all decided to buy tickets for the concert.

Looking back on Saturday night i now realize I was in another reflective context without even knowing it. My buddy Devin also from CM has an older brother at Gonzaga who is a senior. He was having a small party at his house on saturday night. The small group we made up consisting of freshmen had a decision to make, either go to the house party or attend the dance at CM. A few of us weren't fully convinced that the CM dance we be good so we finally came to the conclusion to go to the house and it ended up being a good night. Being able to have a discussion about our opinions, views , and thoughts towards our dilemma made it easier to agree in our decision making.

Just like everyone else I was in a relflective context in deciding what to eat and where to eat it. Once again i was in a group and when of my friends suggested eating at the Cog before it closed. We all checked our watches and phones realizing it was about to close because it was 6:40. Other options for eating were also thrown into the discussion. These suggestions included Spikes or going off campus. We eventually all agreed upon how exhausted we were so we decided to stay close thus eating at the cog.