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Which Espresso Machines Are There?

You should always check which espresso maker best suits you. There are several models, each with their own advantages. For example, there are fully automatic and semi-automatic espresso devices. There is also the choice between the use of ground coffee, use of beans in the espresso machine and the use of pod / pods or capsules. The latter works easy, but it is more expensive.

Different systems

An espresso is the process by which water is put under high pressure down through the pressed coffee. There are different systems but the top espresso maker comes from the most famous pump and steam systems. The pumping system is most common and usually offers a higher pressure than a steam system. With the steam system, water is boiled and the resulting steam takes care of the pressure. A device that uses a steam system is simpler in operation and the device is also smaller and cheaper. The disadvantage of this system is that the pressure is significantly lower than in the pumping system. Less known is the piston style system. It must be manually applied pressure.

In addition to a water tank, some espresso machines also have an opportunity to be drained from milk, one placed beside, stock pot or milk carton. If you have an espresso machine without milk container you can heat milk in the microwave and make a whip yourself.

In the preparation of a good cappuccino, you need to take into account the following:

- You have 45 ml espresso required for cappuccino

- Use fresh milk (120 to 150 ml)

- For a solid layer of foam it is best to use whole milk

- Wait for the right temperature for frothing milk

- Place the nozzle under the milk surface

- The milk foaming nozzle makes a little more milk

- The milk does not boil

- Finally, sprinkle some cocoa powder on it

- Clean the steam nozzle after use to prevent caking

Suitable cups

Many devices have a height-adjustable coffee spout, for higher cups or mugs. Preheat the cups for use on the hot plate, if not present, wash the cups hot enough with warm water. Espresso makes the best of taste when it is served hot and not quickly cooled. Therefore, place no more than one or two cups simultaneously, if you let an espresso cool off too long many of the flavors are lost. Ultimately, owning the top espresso maker largely depends on the available budget. The more you want to spend, the more options and convenience you can expect.