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"Excited about: thought experiments, all ethics related ones (especially the global one). Phil vs. non phil

Less excited: Kant as turning point, Buddhism (but personal identity less)" I think we should discuss a lot of continental philosophy and post-modern thinkers. Talking about Nietzsche would also be very interesting. "I am not very interested in: -Kant as Turning Point

I would like to see more: -Faith and Reason -Perhaps some Neo-Thomism"

The topic that I'm least interested in is the globalization of aid/worldwide ethics. I can see why this would be such an important topic, but I would enjoy spending more time on some of the more novel topics such as philosophy of food, or thought experiments.

I think that all of the topics that are incorporated in this class are exactly the kinds of questions that I enjoy dealing with. The only topic that I see not in the list that I would enjoy looking at more would be political philosophy, and maybe its role in contemporary societies. Perhaps that is covered in the philosophy of law. If so, perfect!

I would like to read some Thomas Aquinas. The two weeks, Thought experiments and Philosophy of Law, don't particularly grab me. I'm sure they would end up being interesting, but after our first class discussion and our first reconstruction on McGinn--I would really like to see something on Philosophy and Culture and changing the name of philosophy. Perhaps we wouldn't be able to fill an entire class on whether or not philosophy should be called 'philosophy' or 'ontics', but I think a Philosophy and Culture discussion would be relevant, helpful, and fascinating.

I like the class topics schedule. I do think maybe we could talk about Saint Ignatius and the philosophy of pedagogy. Although most of us are doing ancient philosophy right now, I think that it would still be effective to talk about them in conjunction with some of the more modern ideas we are talking about. We throw names around here and there, but talking more specifically could be helpful. Also, some talk of Saint Ignatius could be really cool and helpful. Otherwise the content looks good to me.

I would be really interested in learning about the continental and analytical divide, and well as transhumanism. The divide between continental and analytical philosophy i think could pose some very deep interest as far as where I may be more interested in studying.

"The three topics that I am least excited about are the following: 1) Thought Experiments / Genetic Engineering and Transhumanism 2) Buddhism and Personal Identity 3) Obligations to Aid and Globalization of Ethics

My replacement options for these topics are the following: Sorry I can't think of anything right now, I will post something under the same pseudonym if I think of anything."