Types of cricket bets

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In the bookmaker's lines, cricket is represented by a wide selection of bets. These are both main and additional outcomes. Depending on the prestige of the tournament, bookmakers can offer quite exotic bets. For example, which team will win the toss. This bet involves choosing the team that will hit first. In general, cricket offers a standard type of bets for all sports: Outcome betting. Handicap / Handicap Betting. Total bets. Additional rates. Special bets. Obviously, there can be no draw in cricket, which makes the task much easier for bettors. Prediction boils down to choosing a winner from two teams. Another feature of this sport is that the favorites rarely lose here. Therefore, if the odds for the victory of one of the teams are too small in the bookmaker's line, then you can safely take it to the express train. Outcome betting We have already said that there are many different championships and leagues of this sport, each with its own format and its own rules. When choosing the winner of a match, bettors should take all this into account, since the advantage of their own field in cricket plays a huge role. Cricket is a sport where swoop betting is not profitable. It is necessary to be able to operate with large amounts of information, taking into account every little thing. Even choosing the winner of a match will require the bettor to have knowledge of team lineups, tournament format, and, of course, weather forecast. The heavenly office makes its own adjustments to the game. The fact is that teams play in different weather conditions, adapting their style to them. That is why a change in the weather during a match can be in the hands of one team, and can completely ruin the opponent's game. So if you are planning to bet on cricket, take the time to check out a specialized site to know exactly what the weather is expected on the day of the match. Handicap / Handicap Betting Depending on the format of the tournament, the bettor may be asked to play a handicap of teams in two positions at the same time. For example, by the number of knocked down wickets and by the number of wounds. The number of runs is the number of points scored by the teams during the match. Similar offers can be found at 1xbet bookmaker. Other bookmakers either refrain from such in-line offers or may offer these bets independently of each other. Total bets Here, the offers of bookmakers can also be varied. The most common bets are on the number of points that teams will score. In the line, you can also find proposals for the individual number of points for each team, as well as for the number of points that the teams will score before the first destroyed wicket. When placing bets on totals, it is necessary to clearly understand the format of the tournament, as this will be decisive when calculating the total number of runs. Additional bets These types of bets include all offers that are not included in the base line of the bookmaker's office. An example of side bets can be bets on the higher or lower value of the handicaps and totals, the exact score and the even or odd total of the match. The latter offers can be classified as instinctive, since they are not influenced by any factors, and it is very difficult to find any system in such bets. Find out more at https://cricket14.in/predictions/. Special bets The 1xbet bookmaker is known for copying the line of many bookmakers, passing it off as their own. That is why here you can find a large selection of different offers for betting, including cricket. Special cricket bets include the following: Draw winner . We spoke about this offer of bookmakers above. Here bettors are asked to predict which team will start hitting first in the match. In fact, this proposal can be compared to a football bet: "Which team will start the match from the center of the field." Best Man of the Match. By analogy with other sports, bettors need to choose the player who will be the best at the end of the meeting. Most often, this title is deserved by the player of the winning team. Therefore, it is necessary to look closely at the leaders of the teams, assessing their current form and motivation. The best partnership. Similar to the previous sentence, bettors must determine the best pair of players in a match. Each team has a played bunch of athletes who bring the most points. This is not a bad proposition, and in order to predict it, you need to know well the statistics of teams and players. Best bowler . Bettors are invited to determine the best pitcher in the match. Best Batsman . Bettors are invited to determine the best batter in the match. Long-term rates . These include bets on the winner of the tournament, or a comparison of teams at the end of the tournament.