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A few simple tips on how to choose an aerial platform It is necessary to select technical parameters depending on the working conditions. For example, for open spaces, an elbow is suitable, and in limited spaces, a telescopic one, since it requires a smaller base chassis. Find out more about the aerial work platform at When choosing, it is important to take into account that the carrying capacity includes the mass of the supplied materials and things together with a specialist. The selection of the base depends on the installation point. Any special equipment can be installed on solid bases, and clay, earth (especially wet ones) will require an all-terrain vehicle or Kamaz. In order to reach the required height, it is important that the aerial platform is positioned correctly. Due to small architectural forms, this distance can increase by several meters. To avoid a situation when the equipment cannot reach the point because of its height (passage under the arch), it is better to clarify its dimensions when folded. It is required to select a manufacturer. Brand credibility is usually directly correlated with the reliability of machinery. The supplier is also very important. It is from him that they receive the necessary maintenance and documentation.