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Azorella is a plant from the umbrella family (celery). Includes 50-60 different types. The main place of growth is the Andes mountains.

Mostly not resistant to winter. Drought-resistant, photophilous. Prefers light soils, but can grow on any soil. The worst thing for this plant is waterlogging. Therefore, it cannot be watered much. It grows in width and completely takes the shape of the relief. Small, green leaves. Rigid leaf blades. Closely spaced to each other. Flowers are balls of yellow or green color.

Landing Azorella Can be grown in any land. But if you want to achieve better results, then fertilize the soil with perlite. When transplanting, you do not have to worry. The plant is well adapted to this. After winter, the plant remains in perfect order and no protection is needed. Since the plant feels good under the snow. You can increase the amount by cuttings. Summer is the right time. planting, care and reproduction of azorella. Learn more at the

Azorella plant care Sit on the bright part of your summer cottage. The sun's rays will have a positive effect on azorella. Don't water a lot of the azorella. She already has long roots, with the help of which she can extract water from the depths of the soil. She lives quietly in a drought, but dies from a large amount of water. Especially if the azorella is still in the pot, then water it every 5 days.

Reproduction how to properly care for azorella

Can be propagated either by seeds, or by dividing the bush into 3 parts, or by cuttings. Cutting is the most efficient of the three. The most suitable time for cuttings is summer. Planting seeds - spring. The division of the bush is also in the summer.

Pests and diseases picture of azorella and bird This plant is also unique in that it is absolutely not afraid of diseases and pests. On the contrary, she is a thunderstorm of weeds. Weeds scatter from it in different directions. It contains substances that pests do not like. Immunity from disease.