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How long does it take to learn Russian fluently?

Learning Russian is very rewarding and can do you a lot of benefits, but it’s such a hell of a long time to learn.

There are some factors that affect the speed of learning Russian, and some will learn much faster than others. The best way to learn this language, it is to visit russian language classes.

How much do you study How often and how many hours you study will go a long way in how long it takes you to learn Russian fluently. Someone who studies eight hours each day will learn much faster than someone who attends a two-hour lesson once a week.

What languages ​​do you already speak If you have never studied a foreign language before, it will take you much longer than someone who already knows, and much longer than someone who already speaks.

While these factors will affect a person, it is believed that it takes many hours to achieve fluency in a foreign language.

How do you study How you learn will also go a long way in the amount of time it takes. Different people learn more effectively in different ways, and what works for some does not work for others. There are polyglots who believe they are speaking from day one, while others think that this is insane and you have to be completely confident in typing. Both methods have proven to be very successful, so you need to find an effective method that works for you.